📈Auto Trader

Auto Trader Settings

How to Get Auto Trader Tier:

You have to own at least 1.5% (15 Million) of DS.

Get started with the Auto Trader Bot.

Create/Import your Wallet
  1. Connect to the auto trader bot @DexSnifferTraderBot

  2. Use the command /create to create a new wallet or /import private_key to import your existing wallet.

Connect your newly created wallet to Dex Sniffer
  1. Go to Dex Sniffer's filter menu (/filters).

  2. Select Auto Trader.

  3. Click on Main Wallet and select the Wallet you just created in the Auto Trader Bot

Get started with the Auto Trader Settings

Enable or disable Auto Trader:

To set the Auto Trader, simply click on the Auto Trader button to automatically enable or disable it.


Auto stop loss percentage


Profit taking percentage


The amount to buy is in ETH.

Max Gas:

Maximum gas to buy (in GWEI).

Sell Initials:

Sell tokens worth the initial amount you bought (Buy variable)

Initials %:

Sells initials at a specific percentage.


Token tolerance slippage (Higher means less token if buy pressure is high)

Gas Tip:

How much to tip the miner to let your transactions through? (higher = faster transactions)

Main Wallet:

The Main Wallet to use are those created in the Auto Trader Bot.

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