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Max Wallet:

The contract can limit the maximum number of tokens a single wallet can hold.


The contract can block specific addresses from using the token.

Set Tax:

The contract allows the owner to adjust the tax rate.

Max Tx:

The contract sets a limit on the number of tokens that can be traded in a single transaction.


The contract allows certain addresses to bypass the maximum transaction limit.

Trading Disable:

The contract can stop trading (buying and selling).

Fake Renounce:

The contract can be renounced, but the person who renounced it can still control it, which can be risky.


The contract has a function for transferring tokens, which is sometimes used during minting.

Hidden Owner:

The contract has a hidden owner who can still change the contract even if they renounce ownership.

External Contract:

The contract has an external contract that can change the token's behavior.

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