Other Basic Filters

Those are some other basic filters.

🚖 Taxes:

Taxes are the Combined taxes (Buy & Sell)

🔓/🔒 Locked:

What is a Locked LP?

Locking liquidity prevents holders of liquidity provider tokens (LP tokens) from withdrawing their funds from a liquidity pool.

💲 Deployer ETH:

Deployer minimum Ethereum holding.

👤 Renounced:

A renounced contract is a contract that has no owner and thus no control for the deployer or previous owner over some of its functions.

Disclaimer: Some renounced contracts are still controllable by the owner; be careful.

👮‍♂️ Hide SUS:

What is Hide SUS?

Hide SUS hides any contracts with suspicious functions.

😱 Living on Edge:

What is Living on Edge? Living on Edge ignores all filters and sends all new pairs without exception.

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